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ED 564
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Functional whole-brain imaging during combined visual and vestibular stimulation


Our brain needs to constantly fuse sensory information detected by our multiple senses in order to produce a seamless coherent representation of the world. Rather than being the exception, this...

Biographie / Publications

2016 - present Group leader (ATIP-Aventir)
                           Sorbonne Université, Physics Department, Paris, France

2014 – present Assistant Professor
University Pierre and Marie Curie, Physics Department, Paris, France

2010 – 2014      PostDoc Curie Institute, Paris, France

2009 – 2010      PostDoc Max Planck Institute (MPI-CBG), Dresden, Germany

2005 – 2009      PhD in Biophysics at the Max Planck Institute (MPI-CBG) in Dresden
                            Summa cum laude (highest possible mark)

2010 – 2014      Diploma degree in Physics (equivalent to MSc)
LMU Munich and ENS Paris

1999 – 2001      Prediploma degree in Physics, TU-Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

1998                   Abitur (equivalent to A-levels) at the ARG Heusenstamm, Germany



 2016                 ERC starting grant

 2015                 ATIP-Avenir Group leader award

2009                  Otto-Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society (success rate < 1%)

2010                  Poster Award at Gordon Research Conference, Italy



2010 – 2013      PostDoc fellowship from the FEBS-Society (success rate: <5%)

2010 – 2014      PostDoc fellowship from the PostDoc program of the Curie Institute

2008 – 2009      PhD fellowship from the Max-Planck-Society

2005 – 2008      PhD fellowship from the Böhringer Ingelheim Fonds (success rate: 8%)

2005 – 2010      Five travel awards from the Böhringer Ingelheim Fonds
                            to attend international conferences

2003 – 2004      Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
                           (German National Academic Foundation) (0.5% of students in Germany)

2004 – 2004      BFHZ (short term research fellowship for France)