Philippe FOSSATI
Enseignant chercheur


The SAN team gathers together three PIs with complementary expertise in affective neuroscience, social neuroscience, and psychiatry. Our project focuses on the functional neuroanatomy of the...

Biographie / Publications

Present position : Full professor of Psychiatry, University of Paris VI and Department of Psychiatry, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital /

Coleader of the SAN TEAM CR-ICM / codirector Plateform Prisme IHU- ICM

Member of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) : Brain Imaging Affective Network

1995-2001 : PHD training. Studies on executive function and verbal Memory processes in depression. Supervision Pr Allilaire & Pr

A.M Ergis (University of Psychology, Paris V)

11/1999-11/2000 : Postdoctoral Fellowship, Rotman Research Institute (Pr Stuss, Baycrest Centre,Toronto). Training in Brain imaging

(PET scan, fMRI) in normal controls and patients with mental disorders. Supervision : Dr H Mayberg.

Five selected publications :

- Freton M, Lemogne C, Bergouignan L, Delaveau P, Lehéricy S, Fossati P. (2013)The eye of the self: precuneus volume and visual perspective during autobiographical memory retrieval. Brain Structure and Functions., Epub ahead of print

- Guionnet S, Nadel J, Bertasi M, Sperduti M, Delaveau P, Fossati P (2012) Imitative interaction: beyond the imitation network. Cerebral Cortex 22:971-978.

- Lemogne C, Gorwood P, Boni C, Pessiglione M, Lehéricy S, Fossati P (2012) Cognitive appraisal and life stress moderate the effects of the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism on amygdala reactivity. Hum Brain Mapp 32:1856-1867.

- Bergouignan L, Chupin M, Czechowska, Y, Kinkingnéhun S, Lemogne C, Le Bastard G, Lepage M, Garnero L, Colliot O, Fossati P (2009) Can voxel based morphometry, manual segmentation and automated segmentation equally detect hippocampal volume differences in acute depression? Neuroimage 45:29-37.

- Lemogne, C., le Bastard, G., Mayberg, H., Volle, E., Bergouignan, L., Lehéricy, S., Allilaire, J.F., Fossati, P (2009). In Search of the Depressive Self: Extended Medial Prefrontal Network during Self-Referential Processing in Major Depression. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 4(3), 305-312.