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Our main research topic is the physiological analysis of both subcortical and cortical brain structures involved in the control of normal and abnormal movements. Dystonia, Gilles de la Tourette...

Biographie / Publications

Marie VIDAILHET, Professor of Neurology, Salpétrière Hospital, University Pierre Marie Curie Paris, Head of the Movement Disorders section in the Department of Neurology, Salpêtrière Hospital..

Since 2009:  Director of the Research Team: Movement disorders and basal ganglia: Pathophysiology and experimental therapeutics, CRICM UPMC/INSERM UMR_S975 CNRS UMR7225, and ICM (Institut Cerveau Moelle) Salpêtrière,
H Index = 37, In the past 15 years, over 180 papers

Past positions:
Since I986: member of ISERM research unit (U289 then U679) Salpetriere Hospital.
1997-2007: Head of the Department of Neurology, St Antoine Hospital
1994-1997:Clinical Associate professor Neurology, Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris
1990-1991:Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London, UK.
1996:Accreditation to supervise research (HDR), Neuroscience, University Pierre Marie Curie Paris 6

Research grants
2009 : ANR Nucleipark Imagerie 3T et 7T dans la maladie de Parkinson :  PI Principal Investigator)
2007 : ANR Gilles de la Tourette (co-investigator)
Coordination of the French Dystonia Network (INSERM and GIS maladies rares) 2003-2009
Coordination of 3 national programs on deep brain stimulation in dystonia PHRC 1998 and 2002, 2005)
Poste Interface INSERM (renewed in 2009 for 3 years)
Reference Center for Movement Disorders (Dystonia) as part of the Neurogénétique Centre de Référence Maladies Rares