Registration for next year’s European Neuroscience Conference by/for Doctoral Students (ENCODS 2017)

ENCODS is a conference for PhD students at all stages of their PhD. Great communications skills are a vital part of disseminating science, which is why the program includes workshops evolving subjects like scientific writing and presentation skills. ENCODS is a great way for young scientists to interact with each other and with senior scientists in a different setting than usual, and serves as the optimal platform for the initiation of important collaborations across borders. At ENCODS, we believe that open-minded interaction is key to moving the field forward. We encourage all PhD students with an interest for Neuroscience to visit to read more about the conference and apply for the 2017 ENCODS. In total, 150 students will be selected to participate in the meeting, which will be held only 70 minutes by public transport from the airport in Copenhagen.

ENCODS 2017 will take place May 4th-6th, making it a perfect fit for attending the FENS 2016 in Alicante, Spain, starting immediately after.


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LA COMPRÉHENSION DU CERVEAU est l’un des grands enjeux du 21ème siècle. Les processus physiologiques qui sous-tendent des activités aussi diverses que l’apprentissage, la perception, la vigilance, la résistance au stress, la prise de décision ou encore l’interaction homme-machine, commencent à être de mieux en mieux connus des chercheurs en neurosciences. Les applications sont nombreuses, aussi bien dans la vie de tous les jours que dans le domaine des pathologies neuropsychiatriques.

Pour accélérer les progrès dans ces domaines et renforcer l’excellence scientifique en France, l'ENP repère et attirer dès aujourd’hui ceux qui feront la recherche de demain.

Research Highlight: Molecular signatures of neural connectivity in the olfactory cortex
In the mouse, the piriform olfactory cortex is known to transmit odor information to other brain areas (involved in cognition, context, or behavior) but how the specificity of efferent cortical connectivity is organized at the cellular level remains unknown.
Research Highlight: Persistent Structural Plasticity Optimizes Sensory  Information Processing in the Olfactory Bulb
The olfactory bulb (OB) has highly dynamic structural plasticity in adult-born synapses, yet the OB network supports stable perceptual function.
Research Highlight: Hippocampo-cortical coupling mediates memory consolidation during sleep
Memory consolidation is thought to be mediated by a dialog between the hippocampus and the neortex during sleep, but direct experimental evidence has remained elusive. ENP leader Michaël Zugaro and coll. now report for the first time that temporary memory traces can be consolidated in rats by boosting the functional oscillatory coupling between hippocampal sharp wave-ripples, cortical delta waves and thalamo-cortical spindles during sleep.