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The overall objective of the group is to unravel principles of neural computations underlying sensory-motor integration in the vertebrate brain. We use the zebrafish larva as it currently constitutes...

Biographie / Publications

  1. Sensorimotor Computation underlying phototaxis in zebrafish. Sébastien Wolf, Alexis M. Dubreuil, Tommaso Bertoni, Urs Lucas Böhm, Volker Bormuth, Raphaël Candelier, Sophia Karpenko, David G. C. Hildebrand, Isaac H. Bianco, Rémi Monasson, Georges Debrégeas. Nature Communication, in press
  2. Rheotaxis of Larval Zebrafish: Behavioral Study of a Multi-Sensory Process. Olive R, Wolf S, Dubreuil A, Bormuth V, Debrégeas G and Candelier R, Front. Syst. Neurosci. 10, 14 (2016)
  3. A microfluidic device to study neuronal and motor responses to acute chemical stimuli in zebrafish. R. Candelier, M. S. Murmu, S. Alejo Romano, A. Jouary, G. Debrégeas, G. Sumbre, Scientific Reports 5: 12196 (2015)
  4. Whole-brain functional imaging with two-photon light-sheet microscopy, S Wolf, W. Supatto, G. Debrégeas, P. Mahou, S. G Kruglik, J-M. Sintes, E. Beaurepaire, R. Candelier Nature Methods 12, 379–380 (2015)
  5. An Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Scheme for Whisker-Based Texture Perception, Y. Boubenec, L. N. Claverie, D. E. Shulz, G. Debrégeas, J. Neurosci. 34(33): 10832-10843 (2014)
  6. Probing Locally the Onset of Slippage at a Model Multicontact Interface, V. Romero, E. Wandersman, G. Debrégeas, A. Prevost, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 094301 (2014)
  7. Fast functional imaging of multiple brain regions in intact zebrafish larvae using Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy. T. Panier, S. Romano, R. Olive, T. Pietri, G. sumbre, R. Candelier, G. Debrégeas, Frontiers in Neural Circuits 7, 0065 (2013)