Public Workshop: Normal and pathological brain ageing: from systems biology to the clinic

Institut Imagine

24 boulevard de Montparnasse

75015 Paris

This workshop is open to all, free of charge, upon registration.

Posters and short communications will be selected from abstracts on the topic of the workshop.


Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by diminishing memory and thinking skills, affecting as many as 8 million Europeans, mostover the age of 60. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are still largely unknown, though they are likely a combination of genetic,environmental and other factors.As part of ongoing research to better understand the complexities of the human brain, European‐funded FP7‐HEALTHAgedBrainSYSBIO consortium (on systems biology, synapse and ageing) is embarking on efforts to unravel molecularmechanisms involved in brain functioning both in normal conditions and during ageing.We expect that this meeting will generate novel interactions between leading groups in the field. Because of the increasinginterest in ageing‐related diseases such as neuropathologies, we expect the symposium to gather up to 150 participants. Thissymposium will bring together clinicians, biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, who will present the latest advances in thefield of neuroscience, taking advantage of state‐of‐the‐art approaches provided by omics‐biotechnologies, supercomputers,neuroimaging, amongst others.The meeting will survey recent discoveries in the field of normal and pathological brain ageing: from systems biology to theclinic.


The Keynote lecture will summarize clinical insights on normal and pathological ageing

Session I: Synapses and ageing

Session II: Systems Biology session

Session III: Pluripotent stem cell based models

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Organised by ENP team leader Prof. Michel Simonneau