Labex BioPSY Symposium


43 Bd de l'Hôpital 75013 Paris


Wednesday, February 1st

10h30-10h45 Welcome coffee 

10h45 – 13h00         Session “Social Cognition” Moderator: Philippe Fossati

10h45 - 11h30          Chris Frith (UCL, London) “Social cognition, Metacognition & Psychosis”

11h30 - 12h15          Molly Crockett (Oxford, UK) “Moral decision-making: computational insights and neural mechanisms”

12h15 - 13h00          Julie Grèzes (ENS, Paris) “The adaptive function of anxiety when facing social threats” 

13h00 -14h00           Lunch 

14h00 – 18h00         Session “Memory” Moderator: Laure Rondi-Reig

14h00 – 14h45         Michael Anderson (MRC, UK) “Toward a Neurobiological Model of the Control of Unwanted Memories”

14h45 – 15h30         Marijn Kroes (NYU, USA) “Memory flexibility”

15h30 – 16h00         Coffee break

16h00 – 16h45  Sam Wang (Princeton, USA) “Cerebellar contributions to cognition and choice during adulthood and development”

16h45 – 17h30  Pierre Gagnepain (Inserm, Caen, France) “Suppressing unwanted visual and emotional content of memory: role in mental health”

 17h30 – 18h00         Roundtable “Translational psychiatry: the role of cognition in clinical practice”

Moderators: Luc Mallet & Guy Goodwin 

18h00 - 19h00          Cocktail


Thursday, February 2nd

9h00 -12h30             Session “Computation” Moderator Mathias Pessiglione

9h00 -9h45               Klaas Stephan (Zurich, Switzerland) “Translational neuromodeling” 9h45 10h30     Renaud Jardri (ENS, Paris) “Circular Inference in Schizophrenia” 10h30 – 11h00                                   Coffee break

11h00 – 11h45         Read Montagu (Virginia Tech, USA & Welcome Trust Center London, UK) “Title to come”

11h45 – 12h30         Philippe Domenech (ICM, Paris) “Switching between cognitive states: a neurocomputational approach”

 12h30 – 13h30         Lunch

 13h30 – 16h00         Session “Affective regulation” Moderator Raphaël Gaillard

13h30 – 14h15         Catherine Harmer (Oxford, UK) “Treating emotional bias in depression”

14h15- 15h00           Fabrice Jollant (Mc Gill U, Montréal, Canada & CHU Nîmes, France) “The suicidal brain” 15h00 – 15h45        Trevor Robbins (Cambridge, UK) “Cognitive and Emotional Regulation in OCD”

15h45 – 16h15         Conclusion Guy Goodwin (Oxford, UK)


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Deadline : January 26th, 2017