ISN Satellite Meeting on Myelin Biology

Paul Ricard Island Resort located on the Island of Embiez on the French Riviera

This satellite meeting of the ISN/ESN joint meeting will focus on recent developments in the field of CNS and PNS myelin biology. The satellite will be held immediately following the ISN/ESN joint meeting in Paris will include 4 days of talks, with 2 plenary lectures, 9 symposia sessions that includes a young investigator session, and a poster session. The satellite will incorporate a combination of oral and poster sessions with time set aside for informal discussions. The final program will be drawn in part from submitted abstracts as well as from a number of invited speakers who have agreed to attend and to speak.

Based on recent advances in the myelin field, symposium topics will include:

Genesis of myelin forming cells Mechanisms of myelin forming cell differentiation Molecular and cellular dynamics during myelination and remyelination •Myelin dynamics and maintenance •Myelin and axonal protection/Energy metabolism/axo-glial   interactions •Astrocyte control of myelination and remyelination •Cross-talk between immune cells and remyelination •Recent advances in pro-myelinating therapies •Myelin pathology

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