International School for Translational Psychiatry


A one-week course intended for PhD students and clinicians both in France and overseas who are seeking to develop knowledge and experience in the field of Translational Psychiatry.

Objectives: The course will focus on the dimensional approach of psychiatric disorders and on the core features of fundamental behaviours, including emotional regulation, cognition and memory that intersect diagnostic categories of psychiatric disorders. The course provides an overview of putative mechanisms from molecular to social and environmental factors and their potential impact on behaviour alterations, from normal to pathological. The course also addresses how mobile technology and big data approaches can be implemented in the field of mental health research and clinical practice. The course is taught in English. The course brings together experts from academia, clinical practice and industry to offer participants a combination of lectures and practical workshops.

Participants gain access to the Pasteur Institute’s innovative technologies to explore neuronal circuit functioning in animal models (including optogenetics, two photon imaging, real-time neurophysiological recording) and big data analysis for human behaviour; to Neurospin-CEA, a cutting-edge research Centre for neuroimaging; and to Centre hospitalier Sainte-Anne - a hospital affiliated to the Pasteur Institute – where more than 30.000 patients are treated each year, mostly for psychiatric disorders.

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Closing date for applications: April 15, 2017