Développement oligodendrocytaire et Interactions neurovasculaires

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Alexis Brice


Université Pierre et Marie Curie
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Mots clefs

Neural stem cells
Neural development
Oligodendrocyte precursors
Vacsular growth factors and receptors
Neurovascular interactions
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and gliomas
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Fields of research

Neurogenetics / neurodevelopment

Research Theme

One aspect of our research is the study of oligodendroglial cell development in the embryonic brain, especially the specification and migration of oligodendrocyte precursors (OPs). In addition, since the development of the central nervous system depends on constant interactions between neural cells and the cerebral vascular network, our studies extend to the neurovascular interactions occurring in the neurogenic niches and the white matter of the normal brain, as well as in the context of neural pathologies such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and gliomas.

The development of oligodendroglial cells in the embryonic brain has been extensively studied by our team over the last ten years. Specification and migration of oligodendrocyte precursors (OPs) have been investigated: i) the localization of production sites for OPs in the mouse and chick; ii) the diversity of populations of OPs in the embryonic brain; iii) the migratory pathways of OPs in the embryonic brain and their monofocal ventral origin in the embryonic forebrain; iv) the identification of molecules produced by the environment of OPs which control their migration, such as the axonal growth factors netrin-1, semaphorins 3A, 3F and the ephrinBs. They are also developing new research on the neurovascular interactions, based on the finding that the lymphatic endothelial cell growth factor VEGF-C is also expressed by neural cells and provides a trophic support to neural progenitor cells during brain development. More recently, we have reported the direct action of VEGFR-3, the specific receptor of VEGF-C, in murine adult neural stem cells.