Research Highlight: Understanding how acoustic information is processed

ENP team leader and Collège de France professor Christine Petit has made major advances in our understanding of how the peripheral auditory system processes acoustic information. She recently published a review article on auditory distortions. This article discusses the mechanisms underlying the non-linear amplification of vibrations induced by weak sounds in the cochlea. This non-linear amplication generates instantaneous waveform distortion, which has consequences on the processing of the original auditory stimuli.

Check out the article:

Avan P, Buki B, Petit C. Auditory distortions: origins and functions. Physiol Rev. Oct 2013. 93(4): 1563-1619.


Figure 1B from Avan, Buki, Petit. Physiol Rev. 2013. The mouse organ of Corti, as seen in a scanning electron micrograph.