Research Highlight: Self-inhibition of cortical GABAergic neuron

ENP researcher Alberto Bacci recently published a new article in the journal Current Opinion in Neurobiology. He and his colleagues discuss autaptic self-inhibition of parvalbumin-positive basket cells and the role of this specific form of disinhibition within cortical circuits. Despite that these neurons are intensively studied, the fact that they are massively self-connected is often ignored in models of cortical circuits. The authors argue that autaptic feedback could have a dual function in temporally coordinating these parvalbumin basket cells during cortical network activity.

heck out the article for more information:

 Deleuze C, Pazienti A, Bacci A. Autaptic self-inhibition of cortical GABAergic neurons: Synaptic narcissism or useful introspection? Curr Op Neurobiol. 2014. 26:64-71.

Key words: Autaptic self-inhibition GABAergic neurons Basket cells Parvalbumin Inhibition Disinhibition

Example of an oversimplified cortical circuit. Figure A and B from Deleuze et al., Curr Op Neurobiol, 2014