Research Highlight : The psychotometic effects of first cannabis use

 ENP team leaders Marie-Odile Krebs and Thérèse Jay conducted a study on genes and subjective experience upon trying cannabis for the first time. They found that CNR1 genetic variants were linked to the tendency to experience psychotic symptoms. They observed no evidence for a link between psychotic symptoms and genetic variants of the COMT, BDNF, and AKT1 genes.

Their findings appear in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Check it out for more information:

Krebs MO, Morvan Y, Jay T, Gaillard R, Kebir O. Psychotometic effects at initiation of cannabis use are associated with cannabinoid receptor 1 (CNR1) variants in healthy students. Molec Psychiatry. 21 January 2014.

Keywords: CNR1 cannabis COMT BDNF AKT1