Research Highlight : Microglia and Development

ENP team leader Etienne Audinat directs the group “Neuron-Glia Interactions.” They currently study the role of microglia during the development of the mouse somatosensory cortex. Recently, they have analyzed the effects of minocycline, a widely used inhibitor of pathologically activated microglia. Surprisingly, the results revealed that minocycline administered between 6-8 days postnatally induced massive neuronal death and microglia activation. Interestingly, these effects did not occur if the minocycline was administered two days later or in adult animals. Their findings have significant implications for the use of tetracycline derivatives while the brain is developing.

Check out the article for more details:

Arnoux I, Hoshiko M, Sanz Diez A, Audinat E. Paradoxical effects of minocycline in the developing mouse somatosensory cortex. Glia. March 2014. 62(3): 399-410. 

Key words: Apoptosis, Microglial activation, Neuroinflammation, Postnatal, Potassium channels


Microglia (in green) in the barrel cortex after control (left) and minocycline administration (right) during P6-P8.