Research Highlight: CD44 in Neural Precursor Cells

ENP researcher Anne Baron-van Evercooren and her colleagues investigated the effects of the overexpression of CD44 by neural precursor cells in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. They demonstrated that this extra expression of CD44 induced a 2-fold increase in the trans-endothelial migration of the neural precursor cells in vitroand in vivo.

Get more information on this MS-related finding in the journal PLoS One:    

Cyrille Deboux, Sophia Ladraa, Sylvie Cazaubon, Siham Ghribi-Mallah, Nicolas Weiss, Nathalie Chaverot, Pierre Olivier Couraud, Anne Baron-Van Evercooren. Overexpression of CD44 in Neural Precursor Cells Improves Trans- Endothelial Migration and Facilitates Their Invasion of Perivascular Tissues In Vivo. PLoS One.February 2013. 8(2): e57430.

Figure 1E from Deboux et al., PLoS One, 2013.