Xavier NICOL
Research Associate
ED158 3C

Molecular signals underlying the development of precise connectivity in the nervous system



Xavier NICOL
The mature nervous system is an intricate network in which neurons are connected to specific partners. The choice of these partners is crucial for the correct behavior of the network (meaning the...



2015: Accreditation to supervise graduate student (HDR), University Paris 6
2006: PhD in Neuroscience, University Paris 7
2003: MSc in Neuropharmacology, University Paris 7
2002: Engineer of Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

Research Experience

since 2012: Group leader, Institut de la Vision, Paris, France
since 2012: Tenured researcher, CNRS
2011-2012: Postdoctoral fellow, Patricia Gaspar lab, Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris, France
2006-2010: Postdoctoral fellow, Nick Spitzer lab, University of California San Diego, USA
2003-2006: PhD student, Patricia Gaspar lab, Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris , France


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