Teresa Wood, PhD. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.

ENP Invited Scientist Program, January-September 2015

Hosting laboratory: Molecular and cellular approaches of Myelin repair, Brahim NAIT OUMESMAR, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle Epinière.

"During my stay, my expertise in signaling pathways controlling myelination, combined with B. Nait Oumesmar team’s, have enabled us to find new results on the involvement of the mTOR signaling pathway in the repair process of damaged myelin. Our work was productive and should result in a new publication this year. My visit also allowed me to start collaborations with several ENP teams. To conclude, working in the laboratory of B. Nait Oumesmar at the ICM, and my exchanges with various laboratories of the ENP network, were a wonderful experience both scientifically and personally. I really enjoyed this unique year in my career, and I think my hosts and I will draw mutual benefit from my stay. I am particularly grateful to the ENP for their financial support and for making this collaboration possible."