Testimonial from Brice Bathellier, UNIC

The support of the ENP in 2014 and 2016 allowed us to launch NeWS (Neuroscience Workshop Saclay) an annual Neuroscience conference on the Paris Saclay campus. NeWS aims to increase the visibility of the neuroscience activities on the campus, and to allow students, post-docs and young researchers from the Ile-de-France region to meet internationally renowned researchers and to present their work in an interactive context.

Since its inception, and particularly in 2016, NeWS succeeded in attracting top-level scientists and many young neuroscience researchers and students, including many ENP students. Student or post-docs members of the organizing committee were able to discover a new aspect of scientific life, and got to be trained at organizing an event. Many students and scientists expressed a very positive opinion of the conference. All presentations were of high quality, and the diversity of subjects addressed enhanced the attractiveness of the event. Thus the support of the ENP made possible for us to set up an attractive event that complemented others and keep on publicizing internationally the NeuroPSI and Neurospin institutes, newly established in Paris-Saclay.


Brice Bathellier, Group leader -CNRS.