Application Procedures

Last Call: October 31st 2015.

ENP's responsiveness enables a Starting Grant holder to spend more time on his research project, offering him opportunities to obtain additional resources from research institutions. 

50% of ENP Starting Grants' projects get supported, when the average rate of funded neuroscientific projects is only 15%.

Openness and Research

ENP helps promising scientists coming from abroad to settle in the Paris region.

A special attention is brought to interdisciplinary and innovative projects. 


ENP Steering Commitee evaluate and select applications, and hand them to the Board of Trustees whom validate them or not.

The Board of Trustees then decide on the funds granted, 350K€ for three years to the maximum.

Two essential criteria

  • Scientific value of the project that will be carried on the first three years and publications
  • Hosting laboratory and ENP network's interest in the research theme

 Contributions of the Starting Grant Holder

  • The Starting Grant holder commits to pass a competitive examination, within the first twelve months of his stay, leading to a tenured researcher position
  • He plans scientific activities within the ENP Graduate Program, participating to students auditions, organizing conferences and seminars to their intention, etc.
  • He commits to write regular progress reports of his/her project(s).