Scientific Events

2016 Testimonial from Brice Bathellier on NeWS UNIC.

2017 Testimonial from Jean-Antoine Girault on symposia at Institut du Fer à Moulin

2018-2019 Testimonial from Marie Vidailhet on Colloquium held at ICM

Promote communication and boost creativity

ENP brought a major financial and material support to the organization of Scientific Events and Summer Schools. This program is closed since 2019

We helped the community to meet, create and maintain multidisciplinary exchanges in the broad field of neuroscience. Scientific events were opportunities for our members to contribute to national and international research.

• 161 national and international scientific events supported and/or organized since 2007 (see accompagnying 2013-2018 listing)  

• The ENP DAYS, the yearly seminar (2007-2018)

• The "Optical Imaging and Electrophysiological methods in Neuroscience" Spring Schools since 2009.