Board of Trustees is composed by 22 members. President Mr Alain Bravo

Steering Committee is composed by 12 team leaders who run the scientific actions of ENP.

Scientific Advisory Board  is composed by 9 eminent scientists from international research centers. 

The Administrative Team working at the head office.



ENP is a scientific foundation which is an independent legal entity governed by private law recognised as an official non-profit organisation.As such the ENP is subject to the legal provisions of sponsorship development -read articles.

What is the ENP ?

Original and efficient hosting and training programs suited to the needs. Since 2007 :

  • 74 graduate students, 33 nationalities from 5 continents, now 45 alumni
  • local support for 22 renowned guest professors
  • settling assistance for 5 chairs-of-excellence junior teams
  • 32 postdocs, with already 5 Inserm and CNRS granted researchers' tenures and 1 tenured professor in Brazil
  • 24 international interns
  • 161 events supported or organized by the ENP of which 624 yearly events aimed at the general public
  • About 550 ENP teams' papers were published every year in international peer-reviewed journals, 24% of which with a strong impact factor (>8). 

ENP is a unique entry-gate to the Paris-region Neuroscience.

Its vitality contributes to the network research groups' outreach to the young researchers as well as to our contributors. 

The ENP also facilitates interactions between research teams who gather around common projects.

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Challenges and Ambitions