Dr. Gilad Barnea, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

ENP Invited Scientist Program, February-July 2016

Hosting laboratory: Dr. Alexander Fleischmann, College de France. 

Co-host: Dr. Jean Livet, Institut de la Vision.


"I spent the spring of 2016 in Paris to establish collaboration with Dr. Alexander Fleischmann on using trans-Tango, a new transsynaptic labeling technique that my laboratory has developed, to map higher order projections from the olfactory cortex in mice. In addition, I formed connections with co-host Dr. Jean Livet that will hopefully lead to a future collaboration on combining trans-Tango with the innovative Brainbow approaches developed by the Livet lab to individually label specific neurons.

 I believe that these nascent collaborations established during my stay at College de France will culminate in productive research projects that will provide new insights into the functions of various neural circuits in the mouse brain. On a personal note, it was very interesting to be introduced to the vibrant and diverse neuroscience community in Paris and to be exposed to the European way of conducting scientific research. I had a terrific experience, and I am grateful to ENP for its invaluable support."