UNDERSTANDING THE BRAIN is one of the most ambitious projects of the 21st century. The physiological processes that are underlying activities such as learning, perception, vigilance, stress resistance, decision making or interactions between humans and machines are now within the scope of a better understanding by neuroscientists. Applications are numerous for our everyday life but also for neuropsychiatric pathologies' treatment.

FINANCEMENT par la Fondation de France: Félicitations à Julie Grèzes !
Julie GREZES, à la tête d'un groupe labellisé ENP et chercheuse au LNC2 (ENS), a obtenu un financement de la Fondation de France pour le projet "Apprentissage par renforcement social dans l'autisme"
Isolated cortical computations during delta waves support memory consolidation
ENP PhD student Ralitsa TODOROVA, directed by ENP team leader Michaël ZUGARO in College de France, just published her PhD thesis results in Science (Issue 6463, pp. 377-381, see also p.
Anatomical and physiological foundations of cerebello-hippocampal interaction 
Arturo Torres-Herraes doctorant ENP just published his thesis (defense, july 2019) results directed by Laure Rondi-Reig