The program relies on several principles:

  • Applications have to be submitted by a principal investigator of ENP
  • Applications have to be approved by the ENP Steering Committee
  • Chosen scientists have to be eminent and recognized in their field
  • Duration of the hosting program is determined by applicants, from a few weeks to sixth months 
  • Dead line for applications: june 4, 2018
  • Costs incurred by the guest as part of the program are covered by ENP (excluding salary)

 Contributions of invited scientists

The guest commits to give lectures to the ENP network and to ENP Days in september 2018 if compatible with his venue

The guest commits to interact closely with his hosting lab 

 Program benefits

This program is an attractive tool for ENP labs :

  • Bringing new ideas and multicultural exchange
  • Launching or fostering international collaboration resulting in joint publications
  • Enhancing visibility of research centers located in the Paris region