German Exchanges


Initiated by the ENP, a collaboration with the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN) of the Brain and Mind « Excellence Cluster » based in Munich Germany was established in 2013.

The goals of this collaboration are

- To broaden the possible interactions for ENP students and oportunities for postdoctoral positions

- To enable mutual invitations of researchers and students to symposia.

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- In October 2013, two ENP students – Jinjin Wu and Emilienne Repak – had the opportunity to participate to a mini Symposium of GSN’s annual meeting where they gave a scientific talk on their PhD work. 

- In October 2014, two ENP students along with ENP Graduate Program Director Laurent Venance had the chance to assist their 2014 mini symposium. 

- In January 2015, the ENP was pleased to host Benedikt Grothe, Director of the GSN program, as a keynote speaker at the next ENP Days symposium in La Clusaz (French Alps), along with two GNS students, Sarah Schneider et Rainer Bögle.

- In March 2015, ENP team leader Patricia Gaspar and ENP students Heike Blockus and Darinka Trübutschek  had the chance to join the Neuro-Philosophical workshop organized together by the GSN and the Berlin School of Mind and Brain in San Servolo (Italy).

-  In October 2015, two ENP students Valérie Bercier and Malou Dongelmans participated to the Symposium of GSN’s annual meeting.  

- In January 2016, ENP had the opportunity to host again Benedikt Grothe together with two GSN students, Isabelle Garzorz & Carmen Deneck.

- In October 2016, Ralitsa Todorova and Arturo Torres Herraez presented posters at the GSN annual meeting.  

- In March 2017, Viktoria Korzhova and Florian Richter from the GSN presented their posters at ENP 10th Anniversary meeting in Paris- Collège des Bernardins.