Feedback from Dr Oliver Griesbeck, ENP Invited Scientist 2015

Dr. Oliver Griesbeck, Max-Planck-Institut für Neurobiologie.

ENP Invited Scientist Program, August-October 2015

Hosting laboratory: Biological Adaptation and Ageing, Team "Cellular Integration of Neuromodulatory Processes" Dr. Pierre VINCENT, Institut de Biologie Paris Seine. 

"I spent the summer of 2015 in Paris to advance a collaboration with Pierre Vincent that we had started some time ago on developing and characterizing new biosensors of neuronal signaling.  With my host lab in Paris I worked out details on characterizing biosensors that were made in my lab in Munich and to assess performance of the first variants. Feedback on the sensors went back to Munich and was incorporated in the next generation of sensors. 

I think we built up an efficient collaborative infrastructure for optimizing these imaging tools.  This collaboration is not finished yet, and I hope it will finally result in great tools and publications. I also wish it will help to further strengthen ties between the Munich and Paris neuroscience communities which are, after all, separated from each other only by an hour of flight-time.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience that also got me acquainted with a number of other ENP labs.  I am very grateful to ENP for making this possible."