Synaptic plasticity and neuronal circuits



Sainte Anne
Université Paris Descartes


UMRS 894


Hippocampe, mémoire, interneurones, pasticité synaptique, émotions


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Fields of research

Neurophysiology / systems neuroscience

Research Theme

Our team is interested in understanding the processes underlying the formation of new memories.  The hippocampus is a brain region that has long been considered to be central in memory storage and retrieval. Networks of inhibitory neurons in the hippocampus are critical for hippocampal activity, and play a central role in learning.

Our research is focused on area CA2, a region that not only contains a very high density of interneurons, but also received direct synaptic input from intra- and extra- hippocampal structures such as the cortex and hypothalamus. Long overlooked, area CA2 is emerging as a distinct region of the hippocampus with unique properties. Furthermore, CA2 is the only region in the hippocampus that is altered after the onset of schizophrenia and dementia. We hypothesize that CA2 is acting as a gate to inhibit or enhance information transfer within the hippocampal network. Using electrophysiology and optogenetic techniques, we are investigating the activity dependent plasticity and role of intra-hippocampal and extra-hippocampal connections that target CA2 during both physiological and pathological conditions.