Serotonin signaling in plasticity and disease


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Marianne Coutures
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Fields of research

Neuropharmacology / cell signaling

Research Theme

Our present work started from our observation that serotonin tone can be controlled by a feed-forward mechanism via 5-HT2B receptors. Recent independent investigations and our unpublished results indicate that this same serotonergic receptor may also impact local dopamine levels. The absence of 5-HT2B receptors, DA-targeting drugs induce a reduced increase in extracellular DA in NAcc, but a normal increase in dorsal striatum, thus an imbalance that could underlie addictive behaviors. Other unpublished evidence (in collaboration with D. Goldman, NIH) indicates that 5-HT2B receptor haplotypes, which correspond to lower expressing individuals, segregate with cocaine abuser. These data support again in Humans our finding in mice that this receptor inactivation is favoring addictive behaviors. Recent independent investigations, and our unpublished results indicate a control of microglia by serotonin, but its potential physiological implications has never been investigated. Our preliminary data indicate that microglia express mainly one type of numerous serotonin receptors, the 5-HT2B, which had not been studied before. Our work now intends to unravel links between serotonin and dopamine system in relation to impulsivity, compulsivity and addiction and to identify the cellular basis of these actions (dopamine and/or serotonin neurons and/or microglia).

Team members

DIAZ Silvina
BANAS Sophie