SCaNR : Stem Cells and Neurogenesis in the Retina


Research center

Bâtiment 145, Centre d'études de Saclay
91191 Gif sur Yvette
Philippe Vernier


ED 568 BioSigNe
Université Paris Sud 11


Centre d’Études et de Recherches Thérapeutiques en Ophtalmologie (CERTO)
Idex NeuroSaclay


Neural stem cells
Signaling pathways



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Cabochette P, Vega-Lopez G, Bitard J, Parain K, Chemouny R, Masson C, Borday C, Hedderich M, Henningfeld K, Locker M, Bronchain O, Perron M (2015). YAP controls retinal stem cell DNA replication timing and genomic stability. eLife 4:e08488.

Fields of research

Neurogenetics / neurodevelopment

Research Theme

Our research program focuses on neural stem cells in both mice and Xenopus retina. The amphibian retina contains a population ofneural stem cells, which, in contrast to the mammalian situation, are active, allowing continuous tissue growth throughout the animallife, as well as regeneration following retinal damage.

Using this first model, our team is investigating how signalling pathways andintrinsic factors work in concert to finely regulate the balance between quiescence, proliferation and differentiation in physiological andneurodegenerative conditions. In addition, the laboratory of Retina France association (the CERTO) has joined our research group since December 2012. Together, we are now also developing researches in murine models of neurodegenerative diseases.

Our goal is to uncover molecular cues that could awake the neurogenic potential of dormant mammalian retinal stem cells and therebystimulate regeneration, an approach that should contribute to the elaboration of stem-cell-based therapeutic strategies to treat retinaldystrophies.