The ENP Corporate Club

When it was created in 2007, the ENP received an endowment from its public founders. Today, in order to pursue its scientific mission, the non-profit organization is raising funds and actively looking for financial partners.

Convinced that advances in neuroscience research are likely to bring to private business a real asset, the ENP wishes to strengthen or create links with entrepreneurs, especially on issues such as changing work habits and decision making in times of crisis, that are hot topics in cognitive science.

It led the ENP to launch in 2013 the ENP Corporate Club to provide a framework for the organization of meetings between researchers in neuroscience and business leaders.

Several conferences were held in 2013 and 2014, which allowed to hear a presentation by Pierre-Marie Lledo on memory, Stanislas Dehaene on learning, Mathias Pessiglione on motivation, reason and emotions in decision making, and about the Human Machine Interface, awareness and vigilance with Catherine Tallon-Baudry. With the success of these first meetings, the initiative was continued in 2015.

It is in this spirit that the ENP offers to its Partners and Benefactors the opportunity to meet with scientists and doctoral students from the ENP Graduate Program. These young doctors (PhD) acquired strong transferable skills during their thesis. They are accomplished professionals ready to be recruited by public and private sector companies. 

Each year, a meeting is organized by the students, the ENP Career Day, gathering researchers and representatives of private companies.