Download the useful information about banking

In order to receive your monthly fellowship and/or salary, you will have to open a French bank account. The opening of a bank account allows you to obtain a credit card and a checkbook. (It is largely used in France. As an example, you will have to write a check to pay your rent deposit)  

ENP has a specific partnership with the Société Générale-Paris Halle aux Vins located at Boulevard Saint Germain. ENP can help you to open a bank account in this branch. 

Before you arrive in Paris, please provide to ENP the following documents (they are compulsory to open your bank account)

  • a copy of your passport or identity card,
  • a copy of your visa (except for European students),
  • a proof of residence (electricity bill, rent receipt, accommodation certificate, etc).

When your arrival date is known, ENP will schedule an appointment with your bank advisor at Société Générale-Paris Halle aux Vins and provide him the above documents. The appointment lasts around 1 hour.  

At the end of the appointment, your bank account is opened. Please provide your bank details to ENP so that we can pay your fellowships…  You will receive your checkbook and credit card within 10-15 days. During that meantime, you can withdraw cash at the desk of Société Général-Paris Halle aux Vins.

Checkbooks are generally free of charge. Your credit card will be free of charge thanks to the partnership between ENP and Société Générale Paris Halle aux Vins.