Social welfare system (Year 1)

The health system in France is made up of:

  • the social security (“sécurité sociale”), mandatory, which allows you to be reimbursed (up to 70/80%) of your healthcare expenses in case you are ill.
  • the complementary health insurance (“mutuelle”), optional, which provides reimbursements in addition to those provided by the social security.

During GP Year 1, you have to register for student social security. NBYou must be less than 28 years old to be entitled to student social security on 1st October of the academic year that is beginning. Registration for student social security is carried out through your enrolment at the University. When registering to the university, tick “Centre 617 – SMEREP”. You’ll pay your social security contribution at the same time as your tuition fees (“frais de scolarité”). You’ll receive an “attestation d’affiliation” (affiliation certificate) as a proof of affiliation. Send the original to the SMEREP. Keep a copy of this attestation.  

During Year 1, ENP pays for the tuition fees (student social security included). You can take out a complementary health insurance by going directly to SMEREP. ENP will reimburse you (up to 99€). 

Download the useful information about the health system in Year 1.