Challenges and Ambitions

The ENP has largely fulfilled its goal over the last 10 years of its young existence and now stands as an understandable entry gate for researchers from abroad, but also for a general public. 

This 10-year period showed that ENP was capable of not only of representing efficiently the training potential of Paris in Neuroscience, but also raised the awareness of the individual teams of their strength when they act collectively within a network.

Future years' challenge for the neuroscience community will consist of regrouping their forces, due to strong world competition leading to raise the visibility of France in general, and of the Paris region in particular, capable of attracting the best people and take a share in tomorrrow’s important scientific discoveries.

Today, to pursue its scientific mission, and for its growing in the next 10 years regarding the training, national and international collaborations, and to facilitate the emergence of innovative neuroscience , the ENP needs financial partners.
This financial support will enable the ENP to remain a transversal structure, bringing together neurosciences in Ile de France.

The five major missions:

• Strengthen ENP national and international training resources for hosting more students, interns and guest professors, by way on new national and international partnerships,

• Supporting synergy and multidisciplinarity between teams by fostering scientific meetings with industrial and academic.

• Promoting neuroscience laboratories locally for highlighting the advances in research.

• Pursue for supporting events aimed at the general public 

• Generating collaborations between academic neuroscience research and businesses on innovative topics.

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